Cash in on your frustrations: A beginners guide to business.

When it comes to investing (case in point, starting a business) my confidence is put on trial at the onset. It isn’t in the mistakes I make but it’s in the hesitation.

The fear of the unknown is real and no one can actually say that they do not dread it.

All that I have done in the years I have been on this earth has been driven by opportunity and support.

I cannot emphasis more on the importance of having cheerleaders in your life and most importantly people of reason. However, my focus will be on opportunity.

Opportunity has driven most of my decisions. Granted, some opportunities have come to me through my interactions with others but the ‘best’ opportunities have come through first hand experience.

Putting yourself out there and exposing yourself to new things is a gift. Without this,you may not only be unable to identify the gaps in your experiences but you may also face a challenge in understanding how you can offer a solution to that gap.

“Richard Branson, one of the world’s most recognizable billionaires, and founder of Virgin Group, has built an empire on the principle of pursuing his frustrations and finding their solutions”

Take a leaf from Richard Branson’s “play book” and through your experiences and interactions with not only people but goods and services, pin point your frustrations (which in this case is the gap) and find a solution.

This could be your business value add and a way for you to perhaps even start your business!

– It’s those seemingly small opportunities that often begin as doing things just a little differently, more conveniently or in a way that made more people happy, that blossom into flourishing businesses. –

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