Let opportunity be a blank page

I like to call myself an economist in the entertainment business simply because I am an economist who also happens to run an entertainment business.

That’s besides the point…

Recently, I met a talented entertainer who wanted to enhance his skills so as to be a better performer.

I provided him with opportunities to practise and develop his skills through event exposure and also on client management.

He, however, felt that he needed me to do more for him even when he hadn’t tried it out for himself.

This got me thinking about how some people (if not all) take for granted the opportunities and exposure that others give.

As we are starting out in our careers, I feel that somethings matter more than others.

For one, gaining experience and exposure is key for me.

Before I started working, I looked at opportunity like a blank page. It could be anything I wanted it to be whether or not I got a job quickly (everyone hopes for that) or if it took time.

I never allowed myself to be mentally limited. Some of my classmates had focused so much on getting particular jobs or working in certain companies that if they didn’t get the job – they felt a sense of hopelessness while those who did get the job (some of them atleast) didn’t like it or just felt that it wasn’t right for them.

When I was ready to start ‘trecking’ right after undergrad, I went about it open to anything related to my interests, willing to learn and work my way from the ground up AND the salary was never an issue of discussion for me.

This is because I knew that I needed the experience and needed the exposure. Everything takes time and I am continually willing to sacrifice now to enjoy the fruits of my labour later.

To cut the long story short, I am where I am today because I opened myself to that blank page called opportunity. If the ‘formal employment opportunity’ route didn’t work out well, I was going to create my own OPPORTUNITIES.

Remember folks, we make our destiny. It is YOU.

Have a goal, chart your course, learn from your mistakes and never look back.


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